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Our team at Burnt Orange specialises in guiding businesses through the complexities of the R&D tax relief scheme. We have a deep understanding of the legislation and guidelines, ensuring that you maximise your claim while staying fully compliant with HMRC requirements.

Benefits of R&D Tax Relief

By embracing R&D tax relief, you showcase your commitment to innovation and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

  • Financial Incentives: R&D tax relief provides a significant financial benefit to eligible companies. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the relief can be as high as 230% of qualifying R&D expenditures. This means that for every £100 spent on qualifying R&D activities, SMEs can reduce their taxable income by an additional £130.

  • Cash Flow Improvement: R&D tax relief can generate a substantial cash flow advantage for businesses. SMEs can choose to receive a cash payment from HMRC, even if they have no corporation tax liability. This helps reinvest in further R&D initiatives, growth, and innovation.

  • Competitive Advantage: Accessing R&D tax relief can give your business a competitive edge by allowing you to allocate more resources towards innovation. It enables you to invest in cutting-edge technologies, attract top talent, and differentiate your products or services in the market.

  • Encouraging Innovation: By offering financial support, R&D tax relief encourages businesses to invest in innovation, research, and development. This helps drive technological advancements, promotes competitiveness, and fosters economic growth.

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